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The Basic Trainer  

Our customers are saying;

“175 students have completed courses using the simulator and have found it extremely helpful - it works very well.”    Harrison in West Virginia

“We love it! With our driver training program we have got quite a bit of use out of it already.” John in Michigan

“Have used it a lot, well over 100 students, love the design and the way it works.”  Bob in Windsor

“The Assistant is easy to understand, it’s a fine tool for training our drivers.”  Mike in Ottawa

“We use it every day of the week, great tool, really opens your eyes.” Steve in Ohio

“We’re using the hell out of it, the Assistant meets and exceeds all our expectations.” Rob in North Dakota

“Quite popular with our students, it works well, great durability and the greater understanding of brake systems it provides has helped train over 200 students in the last nine months.” Rob in California

“I’m hoping my company will buy one soon.  It would save me so much time in getting my drivers out of the gate, because they are waiting for a service tech to come and adjust their brakes.” Terminal Manager in Iowa


It is a complete air brake system

People Training302

Bring the simulator into the classroom to assist in training.  Help your students learn the following:

  • How air brakes work
  • To identify the main components of the brake
  • To see what actually happens when the brake pedal is depressed
  • How the parking brake works
  • How to drain an air tank
  • Air gauge reading and understanding
  • S-cam drum brakes
  • How to check and adjust slack adjustors
  • Checking that spring brakes
    come on automatically
Inside brakedrum


  • With the portable, self-contained design, it is easy to move to other locations
  • Within a company or organization,  several departments can utilize The Assistant
  • Partner with other organizations to share a simulator and distribute costs

Let our Assistants help your brake training class

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