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During FY 2004 the Out-Of-Service (OOS) rate was 23.9% for commercial vehicles
Source: FMCSA, Motor Carrier Management Information System

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Out-of-adjustment brakes continue to be one of the most common reason vehicles are removed from service. With proper education and training, you can improve overall safety and tremendously reduce the costs associated with OOS vehicles.


  • The Assistant brake simulator was developed in Cedar Falls, Iowa, by a professional mechanic who has worked on trucks and owned his own fleet repair business for the past 28 years.
  • A large percentage of his work load comes from service calls for out-of-adjustment brakes.
  • His concept was to create a brake simulator constructed from real working parts in an easy-to-use configuration.
  • The Basic Trainer was recently developed to provide a more economical option to teach brake adjustments and understand the working functions of a brake.

Beginning students can clearly see what happens when brakes are applied, and they can understand how all the parts relate to each other.
Drivers and mechanics can learn how to adjust brakes with three different styles of slack adjusters.
Used as part of a safety meeting, brake related discussions can be enhanced with the actual working parts for visual and hands-on learning in a group setting.


The quality of the design and construction is evident in the multiple uses for the system. Once trained and certified in the proper way to check brakes and perform adjustments, a driver is empowered to maintain his system, ensuring that safety and reliability are enhanced.

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