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The Assistant   

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The Basic Trainer  

READY-TO-USE                   The Basic Trainer combines the necessary components of the brake system to create a simulator that is affordable and ready to perform manual tug tests

  • Exposed drum offers drivers an inside look at the brake
  • Comes with choice of automatic or manual slack adjustor
  • Tabletop model allows for easy viewing during training sessions
  • No need to connect to an air supply
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WIDTH:     32"
DEPTH:     30"
HEIGHT:    24"
WEIGHT:  113 LBS                          Nearly a third the weight of      The Assistant!

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  • This smaller, tabletop model combines just  the most  basic components of the air brake system
  • It is an effective training tool for small schools, companies, and instructors
  • This model offers the essential benefits of the original at an economical price
  • Each Basic Trainer is custom-made to meet your training needs, with your preference of automatic   or manual slack adjustors
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Let our Assistants help your brake training class

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