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Assistant Front View 2

The Assistant   

Working Brake Simulator

Mechanicís Choice

DD3 Simulator

DD3 Chamber

Basic Trainer 5

The Basic Trainer  

Assistant Closeup 203

The Assistant                is constructed from real working components in a compact, easy to view configuration

Simulator Line 72dpi


  • Truck Driving Instructors
  • Safety Managers
  • Shop Managers
  • Air Brake Adjustment Course Instructors
  • Everyone who wants to keep their trucks moving safely

Bring a complete working brake system into the classroom to assist in training for:

Detail1 Detail2
  • Air Brake Certification
  • Proper Brake Adjustment
  • Automatic & Manual Slack Adjusters
  • Understanding the relationship between the parts of an air brake system

Now there are four models to chose from:

The Original Assistant

The Mechanicís Choice

The DD3 Chamber

The Basic Trainer

Check out each model to decide which Assistant is right            for your application.

Inside the drum 72dpi

Let our Assistants help your brake training class

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